Comment by Nick Green, 24th June 2002.


I listen, from afar, to the various evidence produced at the OPEN & PUBLIC meetings organised by the EU Inquiry in Wales, and in England in Devon and The Forest of Dean. I listen with great interest and concern. Virtually everything said by the public mirrors what happened here in Cumbria. But, the scale of the massacre, the bullying, the arrogance, and the gross incompetence was massive in comparison. As you have heard many times, we had 44% of all “I/P`s”. We had 5 million animals slaughtered, the majority healthy. We had huge numbers of pyres, rotting animals lying on the ground for weeks and we had the Cumbrian Belsen, Gt. Orton This disused airfield was the scene of the most horrific massacre of healthy livestock ever! 3 sheep with anti-bodies! Ewes giving birth as they were unloaded from the wagons, stock being buried alive, vet incompetence as they failed time and again to administer the intra-cardiac injection into lambs. Captive bolt guns being used on infant lambs, smashing their lower jaws from their heads. A slaughter man killed on site!

In the killing fields of Cumbria, Police marksmen had to track down injured cattle, on one occasion all night,  after MAFF had again bungled culls. Stock were chased by bullying incompetents around fields in vans. These same stock were brought down with shotguns! Lambs had their throats cut. Rural communities were torn apart, farmers threatened, and many children’s education suffered appallingly. 

I could go on. I have done, many times! Many of you will be bored by now.

I listen with interest to the comments made by Dr Caroline Lucas:-

“We have heard stories of the enormous arrogance and incompetence of the National Authorities and we have heard stories of the enormous harassment and illegal actions that have taken place. We have heard stories of the abuse of animal rights but also the abuse of people’s legal and human rights, and we have heard stories of devastatingly wrong science, and perhaps no where more so than when it comes to the issue of the contiguous cull.

I do thank those people today who have focused on that issue, as I do believe that it is vital evidence that we need to hear.  It seems to me that we have heard very clear evidence that the contiguous cull policy was unnecessary and unjustified,  it was based on a computer model which was itself dependent on utterly inadequate data and completely false assumptions............... is quite clear that crimes were committed and people need to be brought to account for those crimes, and until they have been, we have no security that if such an outbreak happens again, we will not have the same incompetent bungling.”


Sadly, Dr Lucas, you and your committee have not heard from the people of Cumbria, because there was NO OPEN, PUBLIC meeting here! Your Chair Person, tried her hardest to stop me from speaking at the “Open” meeting in Dumfries. She, strangely, preferred to listen to the views of the likes of Scottish MP, Elaine Murray. "Tweety Pie" Murray as she is well known amongst the local journalists. How, Tweety Pie rambled on about how wonderful they were in Scotland! No bullying, all very efficient! Of course this was claptrap! For every “I/P” in Scotland, 13.05 farms were exterminated! That’s progress for you! Police and MAFF bullied many farmers and still the likes of this woman continue to spout mistruths!


So, Dr Lucas and the EU Committee, why was there no PUBLIC, OPEN meeting in Cumbria?

I remember listening to horrific stories emanating from The Brecon Beacons during last years crisis. Horrific stories of how 4,500 sheep had just been killed! There was public outcry! Of course this was horrendous! But, as one local Cumbrian wrote “4,500 dead sheep go past my window every day!”

I heard yesterday that a relation of one of my farming friends is still being haunted by the horrific events of last year. This man, living and farming in a remote part of Cumbria, had all his stock killed under the 3km cull. They were healthy. Three generations of breeding gone in a morning! That stock laid rotting and stinking on the floor for 17 days! He was alone. His mother, who also lived on the farm had to be removed before the slaughter as she was undergoing medical treatment. She was given less than 24 hours to leave. She has never returned. This man, now drinks heavily, is a mental wreck and will never be the same.


Blair fails to have the guts to order an Open Public Inquiry. He is simply a COWARD.


When will someone, anyone, listen to Cumbria?