Cull vets risk virus spread by Alistair Driver
Farmers Weekly

GOVERNMENT vets testing sheep for foot-and-mouth are breaching guidelines by failing to wear proper protective gear, according to video evidence.
Vets blood-testing sheep in the Brecon Beacons exposed their clothing to the virus by keeping overalls open and tying clothes around their waists. Teams wore no head covering, face masks or gloves as they handled the animals they were testing for foot-and-mouth. The infringements were seen in video evidence of testing on 27 July which has been obtained by FARMERS WEEKLY.
Leading international foot-and-mouth expert Professor Fred Brown of the Plum Island Animal Disease Centre in the USA branded the vets "foolish". They ignored basic measures to prevent cross contamination, he said. "The vets were foolish not to take these basic safety precautions."
Ironically, this breach comes weeks after the government sent videos to more than 85,000 livestock farmers, setting out biosecurity precautions for producers. British Veterinary Association vice-president Peter Jinman said exposing clothes risked spreading the disease if the garments were taken to another farm. "Clothes can spread the virus when they have brushed against animals carrying the disease," he said. .....The video was shot by John Dobson of the Foot and Mouth Group, which has attacked the government's handling of the crisis.
"It is completely hypocritical of the government to blame farmers for spreading foot-and-mouth when its own vets could be spreading the disease." Aug 10