Comment on last nights File on 4, Radio 4 debate on the FMD crisis. Nick Green. 26/06/02
So, the BBC did not do a bad job last night. Well, it was a start anyway! Probably the nearest thing to an honest debate from the media so far.
But, did they miss a golden opportunity to grill Morley?
Answer, YES!
The Radio 4 research team spent 5 hours interviewing me, looking at photographic evidence and reading the leaked documents I obtained proving that Morley lied in relation to the 3km cull.
They used around 15 seconds of my verbal evidence, did not use over 2 hours of Fred Browns interview and completely failed to grill Morley, unmercilessly, on why he lied!
Sadly, despite me giving them evidence of the delays in slaughtering, they did not include much of this either!
Morley blustered unconvincingly. To all of us who know the real story, we sat there in disbelief as Morley was let off the hook again!
Morley stated many untruths (again). One very pathetic statement was that all of the small number of complaints on MAFF Bio-Security had been investigated thoroughly and there were few errors! Pardon? I rang MAFF on at least 20 occasions! I have the evidence! What planet is this buffoon on? Remember the one about the cull lorry driver who, whilst carrying infected cattle down the M6, pulled off into Southwaite services to buy some cigarettes? MAFF investigated him! Conclusion? He heard a noisy wheel so pulled off for safety reasons! Rubbish! The man did not even look at his wheels! What about the dirty vets, the lorries dripping with blood etc. etc? Morley, you get worse by the day!
Truly, a golden opportunity missed by Radio 4! The question is, why?