I was asked last week, why I still keep banging on about foot and mouth

Personally I was not aware that I did 'bang' on but, if that is the case I told them I make no apologies.

'You, kept your animals though', they said. ' So why the anger?'

Yes, we did. But it has long since passed who did - and who didn't, I told them. I went on to explain that there are many, many people still fighting for the answers who do not have animals and were never personally affected by foot and mouth. Tha the madness of it all, along with the cruelty makes you want to fight.

'But this is the Government - you are all fighting'. So what are you saying? I asked. That what ever the Government says and does must be right, and that we should all just go home, leaving them to get on with it? When we know they were 'wrong' and that they would do it ALL again, we should shut up?

Her next reply was - 'farmers got their money for their animals, well over the odds in most cases'.
(The media hype has a lot to answer for).

I told her this was far from being just about money - and that, although farmers did receive compensation for their stock, they were never compensated for loss of earnings. No reply to that. I pointed out that it was not only farmers who were caught up in the nightmare. Many people with just 1 goat, or a few pet sheep etc, had their lives destroyed. I asked her did she have anything in her life that she felt so strongly about that she would fight, if it was to be harmed in anyway.
'No not fight. I might get a bit annoyed, and make a few phone calls. But, life is too short to 'waste' time fighting'.

I said I was at a loss as to how one could live their life with NO real passion or concern for anything - or not enough at least, to fight for it, if it is threatened.

She ended by telling me that I 'thought' too much, and that none of us can sort out the problems of the World. I told her that the problems of the World could wait, until we had uncovered the mess on our own doorsteps regarding foot and mouth.

This person has dogs - although she did not say she would 'fight' for them. I know if she was put into a situation where they were threatened, she would be the first to (yes pick up the phone like she said) but to me. She would be crying and hysterical if she though they would be harmed. Yet, she will not either acknowledge that others can and do feel the same over foot and mouth, not would she write or get involved concerning SI843 (I asked her several times).

It is because of these weak people that Governments are allowed to do as they please.

I would rather keep 'banging' on, then to bury my head in the sand. I sometimes think that we are our own worst enemy.