From Roger who sends this extract from Sunday's "Sun"

"Budgie breeder Nigel Clark was hopping mad yesterday after council officials snatched 52 of his birds- for TWEETING too loudly.

Nigel, 44, had double glazed his garden aviary and cut the number of birds from 180 to 64 after being told they were to noisy. He was horrified when he got home in Kippax,West Yorks, to find environmental health had swooped and taken all but 12 pets.

Warehouseman Nigel said " I`m disgusted. It`s a harmless hobby." Leeds City Council said neighbours had complained about chirping at 05-30 am every day. A spokesman said " It`s unfortunate".

"Practice run?

Those that keep chickens/cockerels and animals that moo, baa or oink had better watch out then.

Especially at inconvenient times of the day. AND when they leave them. Big brother is waiting for you to go to work.

I wonder if these environmental health people can be had for breaking and entering ? Or is this allowed now under SI 843 ?