From Lina in Holland

Now that Holland has applied for a status 10 they will no longer vaccinate pigs for Aujeszky, (EU rules)

For us that means if it ever breaks out they will destroy everything (all the animals) surrounding a outbreak including house pets like cats and dogs.

Before, if there was even a suspicion of the disease you could get vaccination for your cats and dogs; Now they wont even allow that.

They will at first start the destruction in a 3 kilometer zone and if that is not enough they will extend that to a 10 km zone including any town animals.

If that ever happens we will be looking at a war, as myself and many pet owners will let these idiots destroy all animal life.

When they wanted to cull the llamas and even the elephants at the Burgers' Zoo during the fmd crisis over 10 thousand people were standing ready to go there and stand in front of the gates willing to fight them off, and I will tell you that many many more would have followed.

I have already warned our government many time not to go down that road. But we all now know what they are like.