By Nick Green

With just one more Cumbria FMD Inquiry Public meeting in Grasmere, a beautiful location, favoured, as many will know, by the Wordsworth`s and more recently by Sting and his wife, who now have a home there.

This last meeting will occur later in the month. Meanwhile Professor Thomas and his team, who I believe are conducting this very difficult task with the utmost care, have retired to dwell on the vast amounts of evidence gathered by his team during the last month.

Naturally Blair, Beckett and others have no interest in what went on here. Whatever conclusion is arrived at by the Inquiry Team will be dismissed out of hand! They don`t give a damn! It is interesting to note, that during a conversation with a well known member of our agricultural society, a highly respected man, Mr Elliot Morley, a dishonest and despised DEFRA Minister, made it clear that he had no idea what a hefted flock was and that he had no idea that most sheep will recover from the FMD virus. "What is an antibody?" he astonishingly blustered! This was patiently explained to Morley, who clearly, had no idea what he was talking about! Well, you wouldn`t expect him to would you? An ex-special needs teacher with no interest in British Agriculture. Excellent choice for this inportant ministerial post!

Another example of DEFRA`s complete arrogance has been confirmed this last month. As most of you will know, Professor Phil Thomas, Chairman of the Cumbrian FMD Inquiry, sent a letter and 28 questions to Beckett on the 8th May. As of today, 6th June, no acknowledgement has been received! Some cynics have even intimated that DEFRA have lost the questions! You mean like the computer printout, supplied by Longtown mart. hours after its request, that detailed all stock movements from the mart. Yes, that`s right, the one they lost TWICE! No rush, of course, it took MAFF 4 days to stop stock movements anyway! Deliberate or not? That is the question! Many here believe it was!

Today, as you will know from an earlier report, I was interviewed by a Radio 4 team who were interested in how the outbreak was handled in the first 4 weeks or so! Sorry, mis-handled! They were particularly interested in the illegal 3km/Firebreak Cull; my baby for the last year or so!

I presented the same evidence as I had given the Cumbria Inquiry. They were particularly interested in the leaked memo, the bullying letters, the MAFF Invoices with "Voluntary Depopulation Scheme" annotated, and of course the PROVEN LIES of DEFRA Ministers, Morley and Whitty! They also looked at MAFF Bio-Security, or the lack of it, animal welfare and in particular Police involvement and the general bullying inflicted on our County.

I told the team about the fax I had sent to Morley on the 23rd February 2002, asking him if he was a LIAR or INCOMPETENT! I

I have had no reply, naturally, but have come to the conclusion that I was wrong! Morley is in fact AN INCOMPETENT LIAR and a COWARD!

Now Mr Morley, when you read this, and I know you do, when will you be replying to my fax?