Comment by Nick Green, Cumbria, 8th June 2002.
"Tony Blair and Labour seem to be devoting energies to consolidating their power and neutralising dissent rather than effective government."
How low can Blair stoop? We may now have some answers!
Not satisfied with bullying, intimidating acting illegally and lying to rural communities, Blair is now officially sanctioning some very nasty "dirt digging" on lawful and innocent English people in urban areas! Paranoid or what?
Mr Dan Corry, known internally as "canny Danny" and a former special adviser to Stephen Byers,  "was forced to apologise unreservedly yesterday for sending an obnoxious e-mail in which he sought to "dig the dirt" on the Paddington Survivors Group, a non-political organisation whose sole interest is rail safety."
Mrs Pam Warren, co-founder of the PSG who was badly burnt in the crash, has repeated her request for a public apology from Blair. I understand that Mrs Warren has received apologies from Byers and Alistair Darling. However Blair has only expressed REGRET!
 David Davis, the Tory party chairman, yesterday stepped up his demands for a new civil service act which would remove the oversight of the Ministerial Code of Conduct from the Prime Minister and hand it to an independent tribunal.

"The case of Pam Warren is the latest in a series of smear attempts by this government," he said.

" The Prime Minster should introduce a new civil service act .
This act must end, once and for all, New Labour’s damaging habit of misusing the enormous powers of government to intimidate, coerce, and undermine ordinary citizens who have the temerity to stand up to them."
INTIMIDATE, COERCE, UNDERMINE! Sounds familiar! Remember the Illegal 3km/Firebreak cull?
Sadly, Mr Davis, when all of these nasty acts were being imposed on the rural communities of Cumbria and elsewhere, NOONE in a position of influence had the guts to stand up to Blair then!  You are 15 months too late!
Oh well, better late than never!