Kirstin's Case

Kirstin's Case

(the end of the case)

Kirstin's healthy young pet goat was killed by Maff. It is Kirstin who faces charges.

On Dec 11th Kirstin was offered the chance to have two of the charges dropped if she agreed to plead guilty to the charge of breach of the peace. After much thought, Kirstin declined.

The trial has been put back now to March 11th. For over a year since losing her pet in the most upsetting circumstances, Kirstin will have had to wait and worry. Warmwell deplores the killing of the goat, the circumstances surrounding the unlawful killing of the goat and extends the warmest sympathy to Kirstin and her family.

Kirstin writes
My case was up in court again today but thankfully I was excused from having to appear. The date for the trial has now been set on the 11th March. My solicitor asked for the adjournment as he was not fully prepared to go to trial next week, however I didn't expect it to be put off for as long as this. That will be nearly a year. It has been like a years sentence. Surely all this waiting and worrying has been punishment enough. The Procurator offered to do a deal with me at the end of last week. He offered to drop the police assault charge and the possession of an offensive weapon charge if I pleaded guilty to breach of the peace. I did think about it because it would have meant that it was all over and done with and I wouldn't have to face going to trial but then I thought why should I, after all it was they who broke the law in the first place. I should never have been put in that situation so I refused to accept it. It seems that he is no better than the rest of them as none of it is about justice if he was willing to do that. It is just about making me look like the one in the wrong and to cover themselves.

The whole thing is more likely to make you turn into a criminal than to deter you after all I have been honest about everything. They are the ones who are the liars, thieves and murderers and yet they get away with everything. It seems that crime does pay.

The Procurator is sending out a standard letter to everyone who has written to him in my support saying that he is afraid that they are 'not aware of the full circumstances'. I am fuming. I have nothing to hide and have told the truth from beginning to end; how dare he make out that I have been lying?

Loads of people have said that they will write to him, I hope that he gets sackloads of letters through his door. At the very least it might make him think a bit. Other than that I don't think there is much more we can do until nearer the date.


Update on Kirstin's case from

The 19 November hearing

set a date for trial on the 18 December, but also another Intermediate Diet on 11 December.

We're just hoping that the 11 December hearing will throw the whole thing out and drop the case.

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Previous news

Oct 26th ~ On one court appearance Kirstin said to the Sheriff that perhaps SERAD should pay for her legal fees - after all if it hadn't been for them she wouldn't be in this position. The Sheriff then had to ask the Procurator fiscal who SERAD was!

"This is the man who is deciding my future!" said Kirstin in despair.

At the debate on legal aid the Procurator made a big point about the court not knowing how much money Kirstin was getting from funds set up to help people whose animals have been culled. Kirstin was understandably furious and when she got a chance to speak she told him that she hadn't even had the compensation that she was legally entitled to never mind anything else. The PF then went on to say 'I hope Miss McBride does not think this is a personal vendetta against her.' The case continues....

" Kirstin faces charges of breach of the peace, punching, kicking and struggling with police officers and possession of an offensive weapon after an incident at her home in Mouswald, near Dumfries " wrote the Glasgow Herald on July 8th. This was the "incident"....

The police called at Kirstin McBride home in Lockerbie in April while she was at work. The police then kept her mother talking while MAFF 'officials' climbed over wall into her garden. They killed her pet goat Misty even though it had not been out of the garden and was perfectly healthy. They then dumped Misty on the pavement with a bag over her head to load her onto a truck.

This was the sight Kirsty saw when she arrived home from work. She was very distraught and upset. She has been campaigning to stop the slaughter of healthy animals ever since.

Her court case is due to be heard on August 22nd. She cannot afford legal aid and will speak for herself in court. will be reporting on the case as it proceeds. Kirsty has been involved in active peaceful dissent over the fiasco of the foot and mouth policy since April. Her case must surely be of vital importance to anyone concerned at the accelerating erosion of civil rights in Britain in 2001.

September 12 ~ Kirstin's case has been put off again until 28th September

when there will be a debate over part of the Devolution Issue.

August 22 ~ Kirstin had a two hour wait in court today as she was fifteenth on the list.

When her case was called the lady acting for the Procurator Fiscals office said that she had only received the papers appertaining to Kirstin's case yesterday and as Kirstin was raising a devolution issue she required an adjournment in order to give her time to consider her options.

Kirstin handed a letter in to the court requesting that her case be heard in the High Court; the Sherrif asked the PF solicitor if she was happy with that and she again said she needed time to consider the request. He asked Kirstin if she had any objections to time being given for consideration to which she replied," No."

The case has been adjourned to the 12th of September.

Mar 11 2002 ~ "The Procurator Fiscal was highly critical of Seerad for bringing such a case to Court"

Mar 12 2002 ~ "The sheriff also questioned the legality of the procedures undertaken by police and MAFF officials on the night in question"