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Extract from Booker's Notebook 20/06/04
".... an avalanche of directives, classifying ever more items as "hazardous waste" - computer screens, asbestos, paints, batteries, old cars, meat products, contaminated soil (see report top right). At the same time it has issued another mass of new laws that make it ever harder to dispose of these things. Next month the two streams of legislation will collide, bringing the system to the point of collapse. "


5th July 2004

McIntosh: Government landfill targets are over ambitious

Press Release from Conservative Party

Friday 2nd July 2004

Ref: 1052/04


Fly-tipping costing the UK £150m a year


As part of a campaign to highlight the escalating problem of fly-tipping, Conservatives have brought together interested groups to explore the causes of the problem and seek possible solutions.  Speaking after the seminar last night, the Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment, Richard Ottaway MP said:


“I was shocked to hear the true scale and cost of fly-tipping from the Environment Agency. They estimate it is costing the economy £150m a year and reports suggest that organised crime is heavily involved.


“We had a thorough meeting and discussed how in some areas, they are beginning to see some success.  In Kent, for example, the police are treating fly-tipping as a serious crime and are using intelligence, existing legislation and modern technology such as CCTV.


“The real problem that many communities are facing is commercial waste.  Where there is development, there is usually fly-tipping. What is clear is that local authorities, the police and the Environment Agency must work together to counter it.


“Much more needs to be done to tackle the dumping of waste in our countryside and towns.  We need a forum for dispersal of best practice, a greater national strategy to tackle it and we need to make sure that the police have the powers they need to catch those dumping illegally.”






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