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Your chance to try the very best speciality cheese.

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The mail order price for a small truckle [about 1 kg] is £17.80 including post and packing. This is based on the price of the cheese at £13.50 per kg.

The 'Speciality' cheeses tend to be a bit lighter so we usually charge a bit less for them. We also make bigger cheeses weighing about 2 kg.

We send individual cheeses by first class post and we could probably send cut cheese but don't usually do this because we don't have a vacuum packer.

We make three main ewes' milk cheeses: the 'Campscott', 'Campscott Speciality' and 'Campscott Cumin' [with cumin seeds added] and one goats' cheese.

Like their makers they are all hard pressed....

They also vary in flavour from batch to batch like home cooking. All three ewes' cheeses have won Bronze at the British Cheese Awards, the 'Campscott' was commended in the Organic Food Awards in 1999 and we have entered the 'Speciality' this year. Our Speciality Ewes Cheese was commended in the Organic Food Awards: Mail on Sunday 'You' [not ewe] Magazine on Sunday Oct 21 2001.
(warmwell says CONGRATULATIONS !)

The goats' cheese has not been entered in a competition until this year - we have just sent a sample off to the British Cheese Awards.

ALSO .... Organically farmed, natural colour Double Knit at £2.30 per 50g ball [we can arrange for jumpers, etc. to be knitted to order] and blankets in natural cream colour, 125cm x 185cm [4ft x 6ft] at £65.00, all including p and p.

Lawrence's website is

To write to Lawrence and Karen for further details or to order some cheese 'phone number: 01271 864621