Jane from farmtalking.org writes:

"The Farmtalking Legal Fund will very shortly be called upon to settle the bills for legal costs incurred in cases that were unsuccessful.

More donations to this fund are very urgently needed as the amounts that are coming due will greatly exceed the amount held in the Fund.

To avoid embarrassment for the recipients of this financial aid we do not feel able to mention the names of those who will benefit unless given specific permission to do so.

Nevertheless, it is well known that certain persons have been brave enough to challenge MAFF/DEFRA/SERAD and have lost their cases and are now faced with the costs. We would like to help them all but cannot do so without your help.

Please send your donations made payable to: Farmtalking Legal Fund

2, Howpark Farm Cottages, Grantshouse, Duns, Berwickshire, TD11 3RP.

or via NOCHEX to farmtalking@aol.com

To open a Nochex account visit NOCHEX http://www.nochex.com

Thank you very much!"