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From the Lawrence Livemore booklet "Homeland Security"

.......The heart of the BASIS field laboratory is the Cepheid Smart Cycler, which is based on advanced (miniaturized, real-time) polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology developed at and licensed from Livermore. This technology reduces the time for detecting a bioagent release from days or weeks to hours.....

.....The technologies developed by the Laboratory and others to fight bioterrorism can also be used to detect naturally occurring pathogens in food, plants, and animals. Working with UC Davis and the State of California, Livermore researchers have developed tests for foot-and-mouth disease, exotic Newcastle disease (which is threatening California’s poultry industry), West Nile Virus, Campylobacter (a bacterium present in undercooked chicken), and different types of Salmonella (a bacterium that can be found in eggs, juice, fruit, or vegetables). Using these DNA signatures and PCR-based detection instruments, test results can be obtained in less than an hour..."