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Did anyone see Time Team last evening? Came from Throckmorton aerodrome in Worcs.

For the first time in 12 months I actually said "nice one MAFF". For anyone who didn't see it, as you probably know, Throckmorton airbase was used as a burial pit. Before they commenced digging the pit, and knowing there was some archaeology on the base, they called in the County Archaeologist and allowed three days to do a geophysics scan. This showed a series of circles, which they thought were Bronze or Iron Age roundhouses, barrows etc. Immediately MAFF changed the place they intended to dig the burial pit to different part of the site.

It is strange that over most things MAFF were so unmoveable, but in this instance one word from the county archaeologist changed the plan. Perhaps because history is more popular than farmers. Oddly enough, when TT did the dig, they found - a farm!

There have been many comments over the last year in an Archaeology Magazine I take regarding what future 'digs' will make of these mass burial sites and the pyres. In 4000 years times they will put it down as ritual slaughtering to the Gods. Perhaps someone should leave a time capsule explaining the Gods were Maff and the pits were a man made disaster?