The following are 3 precis from Commercial Motor 30 Aug - 5 Sept. Can't find them on line and too long to type in full.

1) "3 haulage firms could be hit with fines of up to £30,000 for breaching f&m control regs in N. Yorks. ............ The firms which have not yet been named, are alleged to have broken routeing rules and to have used a short cut from one infected area to another, travelling across a virus-free zone. trading Standards says as all firms are issued with route info. on their licences they have no excuse for flouting the rules. In addition, sev. hauliers are among those being investigated by N. Yorks Trading Standards for almost 70 alleged breaches in the Vale of York blue box high risk zone. "

2) "Roger Wrapson, manager of livestock carriers at the Road Haulage Assn., says getting compo for hauliers hit by f&m is a long job. Ministers are sympathetic, but have to get EU permission to issue state aid".

And the most ridiculous of the lot:

3) "The Vehicle Inspectorate has come under fire from a livestock haulier after his journey under licence was broken for a roadside check. The haulier was moving a load of sheep from a collection centre in SW Scotland to an abattoir in Preston when he was pulled off the M9 at Stirling. Signs told him to stop for the check but he claims he was also waved in by a police officer. He claims 2 or 3 other livestock vehicles travelling from farm to farm were called in at the same time, and were parked alongside his truck. But he adds " There didn't seem to be any procedures in place by the VI. They didn't even have a disinfectant mat. At the very least they should realise the risk of X-contamination form having more than one livestock vehicle in at a time." According to the licence under which the livestock is moved, a haulier should take the most direct route without stopping. The haulier in question continues " We are spending four hours a day washing and disinfecting our vehicles, and the VI doesn't seem to be taking it seriously at all. I'm a livestock haulier and a farmer and I've been wiped out by this disease". A VI spokeswoman admits that one livestock vehicle was examined and says this probably happened because of the automatic signals on the M9. She adds " Two other livestock vehicles came in, but as soon as the examiner's realised, they were directed on their way." A spokesman for DEFRA says " As long as the vehicles were fully disinfected it should not cause a problem. Scotland is not one of the 4 areas where such strict measures are in place".

End of quotes. On the latter, presume the livestock being carried had also been thoroughly disinfected!! (Or told not to breathe when it was parked next to other livestock). BTW it seems a long way from SW Scotland via A9 Stirling to Preston!!

My spellcheck comes up with "defraud" for Defra!