MAFF notices

FORM A : this is served on the owner of a premises on arrival at the farm
whenever a suspect FMD case has been reported by the farmer or his
veterinary surgeon.  It prohibits all movement of animals and personnel on
or off the premises until the stock have been examined. All report cases
must be reported to Page Street, but not Consultation cases (where own vet
seeks 2nd opinion)
Form A  is also served on all premises that have livestock which are deemed
to be a dangerous contact and need to be culled, and on any neighbouring
premises where MAFF want to cull livestock.

FORM B : if the MAFF vet decides after examining the livestock that it is
not FMD, he/she serves a FORM B to remove all FORM A restrictions from the

FORM C  If the MAFF vet considers that the animals have FMD or cannot rule
it out, he must ring Page Street to discuss findings.  They may authorise
the taking of samples to confirm diagnosis, or if the vet is sure it is FMD
they may confirm the case on clinical signs.  Either was a FORM C is served
which restricts the area around the infected premises (Protection zone and
Surveillance zone.)  If the case is confirmed on clinical signs or the
results come back positive, an Infected area is declared around the infected
premises along roads etc and is usuallly ~10km diameter.  If the case
already lies within an infected area a Form C may not be served as the
surrounding area is already restricted.

FORM D.  There are 2 types
1. Unlimited time - served on all premises with susceptible livestock within
3 km of IP.  These are lifted after blood surveillance etc. which SHOULD
start 21 days after preliminary disinfection of IP.
2. 21 day - served on dangerous contacts to IP wherever they are. These are
lifted 21 days from the date served if NO disease has developed.

FORM E.  This is issued to lift Form D restrictions.