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Animal Health Bill - Committee Stage in the House of Lords

March 26th at 3pm, probably until late,Thursday 26th March 11am until 3pm.and Thursday April 11th probably until late.( there is no set time for The House of Lords to end their business)

I shall be demonstrating opposite St. Stephens enterance to The Houses of Parliament from approx . 8.30. each day and my theme will be one of rememberance and mourning asking

Do You Want This To Happen Again?

handing out my leaflets to the public and asking them to sign my petition. I will then be sitting through the sessions in The Lords

If anyone can help with the demonstration please ring or e-mail.or if anyone wants to help with my campaign against the culling of healthy animals by either collecting singnatures or distributing my leaflets please contact me.

I have taken space in this weeks House Magazine to lobby the Government and hope to use my petition(38,000 signatures already taken) as a display of the public's feelings against the culling policy.I sent the petition pack to all those Lords that spoke against The Bill at the second reading (22 against and only 3 to support Lord Whitty)and have had some encouraging feedback.

It feel that it would be beneficial for people who oppose The Bill to be there during debate (a most interesting experience) to support those who speak against it.

There is free access to The Strangers' Gallery - after a body check of course - and one can come and go at anytime.

Jean adds this sad ditty from her new (rescued) dog, Ben

No doubt it will go on 'till late,
Next Tuesday when The Lords debate.
This Bill to annhilate.

But please, go to show solidarity,
By filling the Stranger's Gallery.
Admission to it is free.

You've sent your letters,now go and hear,
Them discuss This Bill all animals fear.
They will not let me in there.

Though most concerned about the matter,
Collies are persona non grata.
Ben@saveoursheep. Animals rule OK!