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I am sorry to say the age of factory farming is now forced upon any of us who want to survive!

I can't understand why any farmer would not do the best he could for his sheep. He is either very rich or clean out of money - unless there is a veterinary problem or the farmer is sick himself. There isn't any money in doing it properly, let alone doing it badly.

Yes I did see the CH4 program last night and thought it was spot on. What you saw is how it is. The selling of that dairy herd was tragic especially as the cows looked so well. When you see grown men crying at being forced to sell up, especially when even I can see that they are doing the job right, it reinforces my belief that we should get out of the EU. It is our taxpayers money (and Germany) only that is subsidising the rest of the EU member states to produce food for our market cheaper than we can do it ourselves. I wouldn't mind if we got the same subsidies as those countries but we are denied a large chunk of them by our Government who refuses to draw the money down. (The UK [only] has to pay back 82%). Maggie is right (she knows 'cause she cocked it up), we should pull out of the CAP and save £15.7bn a year). The CAP would then come crashing down is less than a year and we could then competete on a level playing field.

I though it stupid to give a beef calf a name - we do for cows and pedigree beef cattle. Every time we have given a beef calf a name, it has caused anguish at the time of departure. We once had a Hereford steer called Panda that we bred out of a Friesian cow. Even I couldn't stand the thought of having him back for the freezer. If we had, he would still have been there now!

I thought Lulu paid pretty well - bought at £12 and sold as a yearling for £275. It beats milking by a long chalk! The "profit" then was £263 for a years work. The only problem I can see is that I have always reckoned it costs £1 a day (£365 per year) to keep a beast if you consider ALL costs so a price of £377 is what was required to make a profit. So - the family would have been better of if they had not spent the £12 buying Lulu in the first place. Alternatively, they should have bought at least 500 Lulus and the gross income would have been £131,500. If they had worked their socks off and kept their costs down to £120,000, they might have made £11,500 for the years work - but I guess bank interest would have gobbled up that - and where would you keep 500 of them anyway?

I am sorry to say the age of factory farming is now forced upon any of us who want to survive!