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So the heat is on then! The temperature is rising and vitriolic attacks are occurring. These are aimed, so far, at me, Dr Richard North & surprisingly Dr Ruth Watkins! More on this later, after I have contacted Richard & Ruth! Will this stop me telling the truth? No chance! None at all!

At the lessons learnt enquiry, chaired by Dr Andersen and held at The Shepherds Inn, Carlisle, Mr Nick Utting, NFU Official spoke with great passion and anger; like so many others.Described by the Penrith Herald newspaper as "A normally calm if forthright speaker, he spoke with obvious passion as he said." :

"The anger and frustration I still feel inside needs some kind of action, needs someone to go. Resignation and dismissal does happen in government and the civil service and it should of happened here!"

He added, "I could name names in Cumbria. A man we met at a stakeholders meeting yesterday was still arrogant as he was 12 months ago!"

I have investigated this comment since I heard the statement by Mr Utting. Clearly, in Mr Utting`s position it wpould not be appropriate to "name names". I understand that completely. But these people should be named; I believe it is in the general public`s interest.

I have been told, by respected and senior members of the local farming community that the man being referred to by Mr Utting was none other than the MAFF OFFICIAL and HEAD OF OPERATIONS CARLISLE MR ANDREW HAYWARD.

I have not had confirmation from Mr Utting. However, the person who provided the information knows Nick Utting well and therefore I have no reasonable doubt concerning this information. I was also told:-

"In early March, when it was completely out of control, Hayward was only concerned that local hoteliers were charging to much to accomodate vets working as TVI`s!." "When Mr Ray Andersen arrived, he would often put Hayward in his place!"

So then, Mr Hayward. If you were the "arrogant" man described by Mr Utting then please answer this criticism. If you were not, say so!

I also remember in those dark early days when Hayward appeared at a local meeting. It was to meet the Prime Minister I believe. He was very suntanned; I was told he had just come back from 2 weeks skiing! Skiing holiday, in the middle of the worst crisis ever to hit Cumbria? Skiing, when you are head of Ops. Carlisle?

Now that is arrogant!

NICK GREEN Heart of Cumbria
"campaigning for the Truth!"