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What a complete twerp; I like that word, straight from Dad`s Army I think, yes twerp, Brown is!

His comments concerning vaccination defy belief! Does this man really believe his own publicity?

The comments concerning slaughtermen and others catching FMD are scandalous! It is well known that in at least one case of "Human FMD" this was subsequently diagnosed as a Sexually Transmitted Disease! Lonely slaughtermen, far from home and bored at night would use the services of professional young ladies! I am told, that one such case was a farm labourer, you may remember this man sitting with his wife on national TV holding hands, complaining that he would never be able to work in farming again now he had caught FMD! I believe he was looking for compensation from the government! How sad! I have been told he had actually contracted STD!

Just how credible is Brown and can you imagine the results we would obtain if we were allowed to cross examine Blair, DEFRA Ministers and Civil Servants? There the real answers will lie! Sadly, this may never happen. With regard to Brown`s performance over the last couple of days, it easy to see why our illustrious Prime Minister continues to run scared of an Open Enquiry!