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"Ministers to tour Rural England".

......I guess we had better find out their itinerary and give them a reception they will never forget! I think the Countryside Alliance is stirring as well.

The Government must be held to account for its abysmal record and the way it has presided over the demise of

The dairies and supermarkets have just reduced payment to milk producers by £280m not to mention reduced returns from calves, beef and cull cows AND the increased costs of bureaucracy to comply with EU directives.

We do not want Sir Donald Curry's blasted handouts of £500m - we want a fair price for what we produce especially as we have the best market in the EU right here at home and especially as we are the best farmers in the EU. We have just milked 120 cows tonight while the German and French farmers make a better living milking 40 cows - there is something desperately wrong.