I have felt throughout this last few months that the focus on "bio-security"

( a term I had never encountered before 2001 and of which I remain very suspicious) was very much a part of the Government's attempts to shift the blame for F&M onto farmers.

On this farm we are encouraged by the MAFF/DEFRA killers to allow people access through the stewardship scheme.
The "right to roam" is something the general public wants and, I believe, deserves. I do not wish to impose continued strict biosecurity measures on my family or friends, nor on passing ininvited visitors.

Commercial, institutional and social visitors to farms; and of course wildlife, make biosecurity both a variable and in most cases unattainable goal.

My belief is that biosecurity on farms is a smokescreen

, a distraction from the reality of what really is acheivable and important. By focussing on this issue we are being distracted from the truth:

When the day comes that any of my neighbours don't feel able to climb our gate and come and visit us will be the day I don't want to be farming any more.

I don't want to live like that and I don't believe it is the right way for us to spend our energy.