Reading all these submissions these last few days makes one think back over these last 15 months

writes Roger. "Up to the announcement of the election ( where the majority did not even bother to vote ! ) all the media were full of it. Then the election date was finally announced. Then, apart from some decent, responsible newspapers and journalists, Silence !
Silence during the election. Continued Silence after the Election. While millions and millions of healthy animals were still being murdered. For month upon month upon month.
Generally the media gave up. It was, in the main, only here on the internet that the truth on science and the horrific details and personal tragedies unfolded and were discussed and made available for all the world to see.
Goodness knows how many human lives have been lost. How many families and businesses have been ruined. We know that in excess of 11,000,000 animals have been killed at a cost far exceeding 10 billion pounds. We have been told that the enquiries in Devon and elswhere are irrelevant!
And still those responsible turn away, and call it a " limited success." They still have their jobs and all that goes with it. Well. We now have the worst hit area, namely, Cumbria holding its own inquiry. The evidence being submitted may be appalling, but it is the TRUTH. And MUST be seen by everyone. Again, unfortunately, apart from a couple of good national newspapers,the media remains silent. Whether all this discussion and heart wrenching information gets into the national domain or impresses those in Government enough to do the honourable thing and give us a full and open public enquiry or not we do not know. But, what we do know is that these people have lived through hell and will NEVER give up. All we know is that 'what goes round,comes round', eventually. We WILL wait ! Thank you,as ever, for doing your thing. Without you I suspect that this tragedy would have been lost to the wind long ago. And that is just what THEY wanted.
Thank you Mary.
Rx "