The perception of nice people acting under orders and nasty people giving the orders at DEFRA is generally accurate

and there are a lot of very unhappy nice vets about, but all with jobs at risk if they react. .... Incidentally, you were absolutely right about (name removed) , he was (adjective removed at the request of person so described) at the Exeter meeting, whereas Dick Sibley was just extremely ill-informed and helpfully indiscreet.

There was some inadvertent misinformation from the Chairman (Kendal) about the large numbers of animals killed by the Dutch despite vaccination and the panel seems to be unaware of the EU regulations re compensation if vaccination is employed.

I have also sent off the enclosed document to the Lords re SI843, plus a strong letter to the Registrar of the RCVS to say that the Royal College must put forward a science-based view as a matter of urgency.

Interesting that the RSPB figures were based on information supplied by DEFRA.........