It will now be interesting to find out where Bobby Waugh was getting his swill from.

For those of you who don't realise all public authority food requirements have to go out to tender and probably EU WIDE.

I say this because of a guy from Transco (Gas pipeline) told me that under EU rules they had to submit the contract for the gas pipeline that came through my farm to all EU countries. Consequently we had a German or Danish company lay the pipe. That company was sacked before completion and another foreign company came in to finish the work. A French company is now carrying out reinstatement work. Transco has given them a heap of money but they are refusing to compensate me for unsatisfactory reinstatement work and Transco say they have contracted out their obligation. In the past we never had any problems with the gas pipeline people. Meanwhile British contractors are going out of business.

We know the army marches on foreign food. Bobby Waugh may be old and untidy but he did not import that food. We did have a cold snap in January when our water pipes froze so I guess he would have had to think of a different way of getting the swill to his pigs if the pipes were frozen.

All this is assuming Bobby Waugh's farm was the first case in the UK because many of us think it was around for at least three weeks before it got to his pigs. I'm sure the Government would like Bobby Waugh to be the fall guy for this in order to protect the ridiculous laws; rules and regulations the EU are imposing on us.

Much of what is going wrong in this country is as a direct result of our membership of the EU but while the Government is pledged to promote the EU at any cost, we are not going to see much justice in this country. The trouble is, in comparison to the rest of the EU, the UK is doing better overall. If we join the Euro, we would have to devalue our currency by 30% so we would all have to go to EU only countries for our holidays. Bye, Bye and sorry USA etc, etc. Our non EU imports would go up by 30% and our economy would slide down the drain. David