From Joan B to Alan Beat and the about SI 843 :

Our thanks to those who have uncovered this nasty bit of legislation. I knew Morley was threatening to use it in the case of an emergency, but BSE and Scrapie are not "emergencies". BSE in cattle is well documented and measures are in place to control it. BSE in sheep has not been found - despite another 60 million pound grant being given to "find it". Scrapie Resistance is being improved and monitored, and as there never have been any proof of scrapie in persons, DEFRA could have waited a few more years, with most sheep keepers in the country aware, and working voluntarily to raise the Resistance in all flocks. No! They have to slide it in secretly with Draconian measure such as Margaret Beckett issuing whole blood lines with the death notice, because they might be susceptible to Scrapie! I also noticed the "seize and destroy" clause once they have a JP's authority to enter anywhere.

One thing I am not clear on . Horses? Are they included in livestock category, or are they like dogs "protected". Equine and poultry diseases were certainly on that list of diseases that would be controlled by the AHB
(warmwell note: "livestock" means 
(a) any creature, including a fish, kept, fattened or bred for the production of food, wool, skin or fur;
(b) any creature other than a dog kept for use in the farming of land; and
(c) any equine animal;

I was told that Elliott Morley stood up at a meeting in the North and following some difficult questioning, made the following statement. "You people have got to realize that we do not need your sheep. We can import all the meat we need.