Read in the Simon Heffer Column this Saturday (Daily Mail).
"Though I long thought it hard to conceive of a public body more useless, prejudiced and incompetent than the Crown Prosecution Service, I have now found one."
"It is the Inspectorate of The Crown Prosecution Service!"
"These Bonehrads have said that too many black people are being prosecuted, and that FEWER should be charged in future!"
"What impact do they think this will have on race relations or on the concept that everyone is equal under law?
I know only too well that the CPS are an incompetent, prejudiced and a useless organisation, as indeed Simon says!
I was on the receiving end of their so called "Democratic" service. 3 MAFF Field Officers lied in court, were allowed to get away with it and the CPS attempted to bully me at Penrith Magistrates Courts into pleading Guilty. As I walked into Court with my Solicitor, I was told by the CPS that if I did not plead guilty MAFF (CPS) would attempt to have me charged with COMMON ASSAULT!. I pleaded NOT GUILTY (Because I wasn`t guilty) and a short time later the CPS stated that they would proceed with "Driving without Consideration"! Quite a difference!
Another example of MAFF bullying; MAFF/CPS COWARDICE!
Well, this latest news of CPS madness is just too much to bare! As an Anglo Saxon, white Englishman, with family going back thousands of years, living in my own country, to be told that too many blacks are being prosecuted (even though they were guilty) and these prosecutions will be reduced, is "A Bridge Too Far!"
I have seen many English people bullied by MAFF this year! I have seen the cowardly attempt by this Government to introduce the power to bully more comprehensively in the AHB/SI. I now realise that this is not just about FMD or CSF it is simply the destruction of English people and English society as we know it!