TB smiles like the crocodile It means as much, keep out of touch Of those teeth. They are terminal in intent, every nuance meant To demoralise and break down, every practised frown. Beware the crocodile Such a tough thick skin, a villain within. Watch your step, watch you soul, He swallows victims whole Watch yout step with the crocodile. Never trust what he says, in as many days He'll retract what was said and substitute instead So be well on your guard, even if it's hard Keep your eye on that crocodile. Do not trust him at all, however small You may think the subject may be. You'd do well to dispel Any notions he may be Truthful and good and do what he should. Away from the glare of cameras there He will shout and give out Any number of oaths and profanity. Beware the crocodile. And his unblinking, teeth-sinking smile. Even more should you fear the crocodile's tear False and famous though it is, its all in the "bizz". Photo- calls a score, he'll do you some more, Gleam of teeth, flash of smile, should make you run a mile From this two-face, absolute disgrace To humanity. So, beware what lurks beneath, waters so deep. There is menace in everything To do with the crocodile But, between me and you, he'll end up as a shoe Will that wide-jawed, red-toothed, double-dealing excuse For a crocodile !