Nick Green, 15th May 2002.
I notice, with some amusement, that DEFRA, (Destroy English farming Right Away), is an Official "Investor in People"!
No honestly! The most hated Government Department in English history, has been awarded this "highly regarded annotation"! The "Investors In People emblem appears on headed note paper supplied by the Department in Truro Cornwall! (Possibly elsewhere?)
What is the criteria required to obtain this award? Perhaps someone out there can tell me? (   
I quote from the interim report released by Prof. Thomas after a meeting in West Cumbria earlier this week:-
"Almost without exception, the farming and associated communities said that they had absolutely no faith whatever in DEFRA. Its performance (as MAFF) during the F&M disaster last year was pitiful.
The bureaucratic nonsense created and sustained by Defra had to be experienced to be imagined. Urgent decisions were referred to Page Street with inevitable delays causing acute suffering to farmers and in some case, animals.
Incorrect addresses and map locations were given resulting in confusion and lost time and in some cases the losses of healthy stock in error.
 No information of any value came from Defra, farmers tended to rely on the service from BBC Radio Cumbria and Radio CFM (Carlisle) for up-to-date reports.
All of the endless and senseless muddle resulted in further stress and strain on farmers and their families at a time when they were already at their wits ends with worry.
At a later stage a farmer stated that the local auction company enquired if he wanted to lose his cattle to the Voluntary Cull. Having said that he did not, he was advised 2 weeks later by MAFF that the animals would be taken out as a Dangerous Contact. They are still standing!"
It is very clear to the people in Cumbria, and elsewhere, that the ONLY people DEFRA have Invested in are THEMSELVES and their cowardly leader PRIME MINISTER BLAIR!