Council Decision of 26 June 1990 on expenditure in the veterinary field (90/424/EC).

The EU will make a 60 percent contribution to costs incurred by member states in:

a. compensating owners for: the slaughter and destruction of animals; the destruction of milk; the cleaning and disinfection of holdings; the destruction of contaminated feedingstuffs and, where it cannot be disinfected, contaminated equipment; losses incurred by farmers as a result of restrictions imposed on the marketing of livestock and pasture-fattened animals as a result of the reintroduction of emergency vaccination...
b. Where applicable, the transport of carcasses to processing plants;
c. any other measures which are essential for the eradication of the outbreak of the diseases.

The last part of section (a) is interesting. It appears that the farmers fears of losses through the 'two-tier' market arising out of vaccination were unfounded.

They are entitled to compensation.

However, it should be the noted that, because of the Fountainebleau agreement and the Brussels accord on the UK rebate, a 71 percent clawback applies to payments, deducted from the rebate. Thus the UK, in fact, will pay 83 percent of the costs.