Run down on Science Group


The members present at the first meeting of the FMD official scienc group 26
march 2001 were:

Professor David King
Sir John Krebs (FSA)
Prof.Roy Anderson (Imp College)
Dr Christl Donnelly (Imp College)
Dr Neil Ferguson (Imp College)
Dr Alex Donaldson (IAH Pirbright)
Dr Peter Starkey (DERA)
David Thompson (economist at MAFF)
Debby Reynolds (Vet at MAFF)
Dr Les Ruskell (DERA)
Prof. John Wilesmith (VLA)


Professor King openly stated that he had absolutely no knowledge of FMD. He did not consider he needed it because his role was, as the Chairman, to choose the team and then act as spokesman for those experts he had appointed around him. (Funnily enough I dont disagree with that providing the CVs of the people chosen give some indication that they have that expertise.)

However of these chosen people the only one with first hand knowledge of FMD was Alex Donaldson. He as Head of IAH Pirbright was already politicised.


Apart from him there were two other vets: Debby Reynolds and John
Wilesmith (qualified '75 and '71 respectively)neither had experience of FMD.

By the third meeting 28 March Paul Barnett ((International Vaccine Bank R&D Group IAH Pirbright) and David Shannon (Chief Scientist MAFF) were present.

By the 16th Meeting on 2 May the following had joined:

Gareth Davies BVSc DipBact MRCVS
Dr Bryan Grenfell (Cambridge University)

Richard Sibley (British Cattle Veterinary Association)
Prof Mark Woolhouse (Edinburgh university)
Prof Joe Brownlie (Royal Veterinary College) was not at that meeting but had
joined the group.
Richard Cawthorne  - Deputy Chief Veterinary officer - attended as an
observer to inform the CVO Jim Scudamore


Gareth Davies had oversease experience of FMD
Sibley and Brownlie are vets qualified in '77 and '67 respectively. Neither had any specialist knowledge of FMD

Brownlie may have seen just the 67 epidemic. Neither has overseas experience of FMD.


Woolhouse is a mathematician and has worked very briefly on the epidemiology of FMD in Saudi-Arabia.