Scrapie caused BSE in Meat and Bone Meal....Rubbish

"But It is easy to see how such a reductionist mindset took a hold ; The media loved the theory because they could drum up a viral holocaust-horror scoop. The vegetarian lobby found themselves landed with a powerful propaganda weapon on their plate, whilst the scientific institutions could carry on drawing generous funding for their hyper infectious witch hunt without the embarrassment of having to account for years of barking up the wrong tree. And the government could conveniently offload the blame onto the vagaries of some naturally occurring phenomena for which no vested interest or official directive could ever be held accountable.

And more recently, the multinational corporations have been capitalising off this hyper infectious prion theory too; by coercing governments and their media spin doctors to scare consumers away from so called prion contaminated livestock and organically grown protein sources.

Perhaps it is no surprise that these same corporations have been simultaneously buying up vast tracts of cheap farmland across Eastern Europe, third world countries, North America to expand their GM soya protein empire. And then dollar profits gleaned from the package of agrichemicals and GM seeds required to grow arable crop proteins, such as soya, greatly exceeds that gleaned from the zero pesticide inputs required for growing grass to produce meat and milk. ...." Read more from Mark Purdey on the CJD/BSE/scrapie page