Report by Nick Green, Cumbria. 26th May 2002.



Simon Heffer, the “irrepressible, irascible, irreverent” journalist, wrote in Saturday’s Daily Mail,


“Increasingly, the public realise that they are being governed by people who do not stand up for them, who engage in stunts rather than strategy, who are clueless at how to solve this country’s problems, who have at least one proven liar in the Cabinet, and who have no higher concern than how best to retain power.”


There can be very few of us who lived on the doorstep of the epicentre of last years FMD fiasco who would disagree with these sentiments!


“At least one proven liar in the Cabinet”, stated Mr Heffer. Now, lets all have a guess at who the others might be! We certainly have a wide choice!


Lets start with ex. Head of Special Needs, Mr E. Morley. Morley is another proven liar! He has lied continually about the 3km/Firebreak cull conducted in Cumbria, which resulted in the needless massacre of around 4 million animals in this County.


Second on the stand is another incompetent liar, “Lord” Twitty Whitty. Amongst the many absurd comments regurgitated from this excuse for a government minister, Whitty stated that MAFF had “Done a jolly good job.” At what, exactly? Losing computer print outs detailing sheep movements from the biggest sheep market in the country (Longtown Market)? Not once, but twice! How “jolly good” Whitty!


How bloody incompetent and convenient many of us may comment!


Another lie, of course, is the complete fabrication that “The contiguous cull was legal” and had been tested in the courts twice. It is these lies that bore me beyond belief! Not here, or now, do I have to, once again, explain to this moron why these statements are so unbelievable! Do these people really think we are as stupid as them?


Lets not forget Mr Nick Browns lie to the EU Inquiry. “All movements were stopped immediately.” You mean immediately as in FOUR DAYS? Stupid boy!


So why does our illustrious leader keep sheltering these “proven liars?


Blair, described by Foreign Secretary Jack Straw as, “Head of State” has only one target, and that is becoming President of a massive Euro State, of which England and the other members of the United Kingdom will be dragged into, almost certainly against their will. Blair’s contempt for our Queen was again exposed when recently he “sits himself down in her presence before she does.”


This level of arrogance has been displayed to Cumbria during his fleeting visits to the area. Blair would order “No nasty FMD demonstrations.” Also, strangely, on each visit, there would be NO Infected Premises released by MAFF on the day of the Premier’s “Cumbrian walk About.” On one visit, farmers would ring Radio Cumbria saying they had been confirmed with FMD, but no, Anne Hopper, FMD presenter, despite constant queries to MAFF Carlisle, was told that “Until we are told by Page Street, we cannot release the I/P`s.”!  That was, not until, Blair, had scurried back to London! All IP`s “Held over from yesterday, can now be reported,” read a very concerned Anne Hopper.


Not only has Blair achieved, by wielding a big stick, the support of his government, he also has the support of MAFF/DEFRA, The NFU, The RCVS, The BVA, The RSPCA and many others.


Many proven liars in that lot!


It appears that MAFF vets are lying under oath at Mr Waugh’s trial. Well well, what a surprise! Of course, lying MAFF vets are nothing new! A MAFF vet in Cornwall stated that he had delivered a Form A to a farm at 17:00 hours. Funny that! The Police that accompanied him said they arrived at 11:00 hours! Why you may ask? Just to make it seem that he had inspected the farms healthy animals before authorising their immediate execution! This liar actually barely cast an eye over the animals!


So it goes on! Grudgingly, I now admit that I live under a callous, bullying incompetent regime that “have no higher concern than how best to stay in power.” A Banana Republic!


The fact is though, that if Blair had the guts to order an Open, Independent FMD Inquiry, he would very quickly lose power. It would be Political suicide! He knows that, and that is why Blair is now branded as the biggest COWARD ever to hold the office of Prime Minister.