On warmwell yesterday we carried an analogy suggested by a senior lawyer to explain the illegality of the contiguous cull.

Bryn Wayt goes further!

To continue that same analogy......

That same athlete having entered that infamous 1500m knew the event would not be advertised widely (government secrecy) thus those whom he was pitted against were unknowns (farmers who were failed by their Athletic Club called the NFU to uphold their human rights) and it was no surprise he won - when word got out (the truth).

The 200m race was another event carried out in haste and against ill prepared opponents (contiguous to the track) with no running shoes (despite the crowds in the grandstand/Warmwell shouting "fix"). But the Track Officials were blind (foreign vets helped by misguided government ones) and the few timekeepers around (government scientists) never had watches that worked or ones that had different times on the face (one sheep brain past the hour, whilst the other said it was 24 cows brains past the hour).

The 100m race was slightly better advertised and attended by other athletes (Alayne Addy and co ) who had by now prepared well (knowing the government cheating methods and misuse of spiked shoes, and changing rules and names MAFF to DEFRA) and the once mighty athlete from Page Street Harriers was well and truly shamed and booed from the stadium having finished last, but protesting he did not hear the gun (thats the one that killed 11 million instead of his club saying 4 million).

The crowd (Warmwell Athletic Club) knew, and had evidence, that the Page Street athlete has used banned substances (lies, deception, EU law-breaking, strong arm coercive tactics via police and army units) in every race, and despite protestations to the Principal Athletics Board (Prime Minister and his Law Courts) - that entire Board refused to hold a Public Inquiry; so the cheats and liars who helped the Page Street runner "win" still practise at the track (Parliament Running Stadium) with an arrogance no other athlete can stomach, nor the Grandstand (the UK Public) can condone. Every professional runner now wants a open race for the gold medal but the Page Street Harriers and affiliated Clubs (Labour Inside Track Wizards) refuse to meet and only talk the walk not run. Three other Coaches (those "Open" Inquiries) can't get their evidence from the Principal Athletics Board - even the EU Athletics Association are tripping over their gym shoes.

The Page Street Harriers are now known as the PSH boys  "PShhhhwanna win a dirty race" ?

by Bryn Wayt  Former coach, 2001 Olympics. Silver Medal for running rings round Morley. Gold to Nick Green.