Presented By Nick Green. 29/05/02


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  1. Further to my submission concerning the 3km./Firebreak cull conducted in Cumbria, I enclose further damning evidence concerning this illegal policy. Mr Whitty, DEFRA Minister, has recently made yet more spurious comments concerning this cull. Mr Stephen Smith QC, has responded to Whitty`s absurd and misleading comments:-

“On the two occasions when the contiguous cull was tested in the courts it was upheld. There was no challenge to the general operation of the cull; therefore, all precedent indicates that the cull was legal.”

  1. I enclose the letter from Mr Smith at Annex A.
  2. Did the committee consider asking Mrs Beckett why Mr Morley told the House of Commons that the government did not have the power to conduct the 3km/Firebreak culls and therefore had to make these culls “voluntary”? As we know clearly, the cull was compulsory.
  3. Did the committee consider asking Mrs Beckett why Mr Morley made the above statement even after having received a Memo from Page St. clearly stating the cull was NOT voluntary?
  4. Did the committee consider asking Mrs Beckett why Mr Morley retracted the above statements in a letter sent to Mr David Maclean MP dated February 2002?
  5. Did the committee consider asking Mrs Beckett why she has not had the decency to acknowledge their recent letter and questions, and when will answers be forthcoming?
  6. Did the committee consider asking Mrs Beckett why DEFRA ministers continue stating the 3km/Firebreak cull was legal when clearly it was not?
  7. If as I suspect you have not asked these questions, would you please assure me that you will, as some of the conclusions of the Cumbria Inquiry will be diluted, to say the least, without these answers?




  1. I will be shortly supplying you with more evidence of horrendous animal welfare. The video, previously sent to The RSPCA, MAFF and the national press had no response at all. This video clearly shows a red van chasing cattle around a field with the occupants shooting from the van. Do I have your assurance that this evidence will be brought to the notice of DEFRA and will be considered as evidence when the committee produces its final report? May I remind you that I have witnessed similar atrocities, details of which were recorded in my written submission.
  2. I have recently spoken to one of the Police firearms Instructors based near Carlisle. He explained to me in vivid detail the details of some of the culls he and his accomplice were asked to conduct. Lying on dead sheep and attempting to track down and kill terrified cattle that had been injured by MAFF operatives was not fun! As you will recall from my written evidence, detailing the botched culls by MAFF, that resulted in Police Firearms Teams being called out to finish off injured animals. There were in fact 7 incidents from March 2001 to July 2001. Most of these incidents involved botched culls by MAFF using .22 calibre firearms in a futile attempt to kill adult cattle at long range! The police telephoned MAFF at Carlisle on numerous occasions explaining that this method was not appropriate but their comments were never heeded. A meeting was conducted between MAFF and the Police Firearms Team at Carlisle and again, according to the Police, this gross act of cruelty continued! Why?
  3. For your information, details of the 7th. Incident is now clear. The Police Firearms Team was called out to yet another botched MAFF cull. When they arrived however, their help was “not required”!
  4. May I have your assurance that the FMD Inquiry will vigorously investigate these gross acts of incompetence?




  1. Why does Professor Thomas continually consider the vaccination subject to be “too complex.”? Vaccination would have controlled this outbreak quickly, cheaply and with fewer traumas to everyone whilst providing future herd and flock protection. It would have protected out tourist industry. This is a major subject admittedly, but it must be openly debated. The results of Mr David MacLean’s Fax Poll concerning vaccination in March 2001, gave the view that THE MAJORITY of Cumbrian farmers were in favour of vaccination.




  1. Finally, the disproportionate influence of The NFU during FMD 2001.


The NFU, both Nationally and locally claim that they have a membership of around 70% of the total numbers of farmers. This has been vigorously attacked by some “rebel” NFU County Chairmen and is claimed to be nearer 35%.


Veronica Waller, in her oral evidence,stated that membership was 70%, but despite repeated requests, has failed to provide evidence! I again request that the committee obtain irrefutable evidence as to the correct percentage of NFU Members. Mr Blair’s claims that “He was talking to the farmers” needs very close examination.


15. Despite many phone calls, the local NFU have not been prepared to tell me who exactly advised The NFU on matters appertaining to FMD. This is very important. I know that their advisers were the same incompetents that advised the Government! This is yet another area that should be vigorously investigated!



Kind Regards.