£72 million Agrimoney denied to UK Agriculture



From Robert Persey

            The Rt. Hon Joyce Quinn, Minister of State at Maff said whilst giving evidence to the Agricultural Select Committee Dec 11 2000 :-

`There is a responsibility on Government to ensure that European rules are applied fairly and that our own pig industry does not suffer disproportionately compared to the situation regarding the implementation of European rules in other countries’

            The UK Governments decision not to access the UK farmer’s entitlement of #72 million agrimoney, forces UK farmers to suffer disproportionately compared to farmers in other countries.

            The Uk Government should be challenged in the European Courts. If the farming unions are not able to take on this issue, would enough individual farmers pledge 10% of any money received as a result of court action to fund solicitors , such as Class Law, who would work on a `No win, No fee’ contract?

            If initial evaluations indicated that there was a strong case in law, it would be important that a large part of the country signed up. Would this work? The potential for publicity is enormous. What role could the internet play? Would the threat of European Court action force the Government to change its mind?