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Sent: Saturday, May 04, 2002 12:13 PM

Subject: warmwell site

I just want to say I am still reading the Warmwell site and am grateful for your work.
It is sad to read of Mr Drews opinions but it shows brilliantly how spin turns to prejudice and prejudice to abuse. On our Cumbrian farm,we spent ten months in what was an appallingly stressful hostage situation, having 'so to speak' a gun to our animals heads.

During this time we felt the government was not able to see us as victims or even as front line troops in the fight against disease but was sniping at us from the sidelines.

Mr Drew has absorbed the propaganda,and is apparently unable to deduce that it was put in place to deflect criticism of the government towards the farmer. It bears comparisons to the behaviour of other abusers who seek to portray their victims as responsible for the abuser's crimes, and reflects a cetain lack of assessment in Mr. Drew which has led him into making such a crass statement.

Imagine saying it to Aids victims and you begin to see the magnitude of the prejudice in this statement. Prejudice is no nicer when applied to a hard working section of the community than when applies to race or colour. It is simply inexcusable to apply it to victims of your own government's errors when they are distressed beyond belief.

It was also interesting to read the psychogical assessment of MAFF in relation to their innability to change course in spite of the obvious wrongs they were committing. I remember Elaine telling me of one member of the official control team who actually said to Tom Lowther towards the end of the disaster that he was willing to kill all the hefted sheep in Cumbria . It was reported to me that he said 'It would look as if we have lost the battle if we change course now'

I interpret this as 'I do not want to lose face'