Dear Mary:  It's 220 pages long!  But I opened and read it as fast as I could.

Here's my initial reaction:

1.  It's not's EU-orininated, tweaked to apply to UK livestock and feeds and by-products industries.  The word "community" proliferates throughout this document
2.  Odd, but it refers to the Secretary of State as "she"
3.  Mr. Elliott Morley signed the darn thing
4.  It will any APPOINTED OVS to enter any premises at any
    "reasonable" time...for any "reasonable" reason....carte blanch permission to enter and invade any one's premises at any time for any reason
5.  For ruminants, all meat and bone meal, dicalcium phosphate, hydrolysed protein may never be used in ration formulations
6.  Records, records, records!  Throughout the entire food chain must make them avalable on demand...and will be subject fines or imprisonment if you don't have them...this applies to feed manufacturers, renderers, abbattoirs, name it.....everybody!
7.  If you keep computer records, they may be seized.
8.  If you raise sheep or cattle, you will only be able to blend
minerals, with vegetable proteins ....basically, no more by-products.
9.  A feedstuffs supplier will lose income
10. More recordkeeping.
11. An abbattoir must have be able to separate and segregate
    all animals slaughtered and maintain segregation of their
    carcass, head and brains...and vetebral columns.
12. Whomever makes blue-stained and yellow-stained dye will
    sell alot more of it than in the past
13. Fishmeal will only be able to be sold and fed to non-ruminants
14. If an animal is deemed to have TSE or states that
it is of no value, and the owner will not be compensated for his loss.
15.  Indemnity payments for others thought to have BSE or (TSE) and found not to be affected, will be compensated on a depreciation-shedule type scheme...the owner will not get actual
market value
16.  The Government has written this to its benefit...not any producers
17.  If an owner of livestock or feedstuffs refused entry to
facilities, an OVS may obtain and get all the people he needs to enter the premises by "reasonable force" (????????????)
18.   This bill will affect every single member of the animal protein food chain....again....records will have to be kept for a minimum of two years.
19.   It was signed by Elliott Morley on March 27, 2002
20.   You better get with it, folks, you don't have much time
      to study this and get in touch with your MP.

It's an odious bill....and if you think your lives aren't already being over-run by the British government and the EU....well, you ain't seen nothing yet!

So, while all the debates and inquiries have been held, it looks  to me like they are just serving to keep you folks interest on the FMD debacle, while this is discussed and passed.
Then you will wonder why you didn't have a chance to do something about it....and it will be all a done deal before you could even raise your concerns!

This is just my quick take deserves much more study.

All the Best,

Burkie in Kansas