email from Cumbria

I did not partake in the cull. I was totally opposed to the cull in fact I am on record as having called for the resignation of the CVO for operating a political policy. At no time did he offer a scientific justification for the cull to the profession. The whole fiasco was the result of successive CVOs allowing staff to be cut beyond the point where MAFF could do its job.

They had been told by many of the senior members of the profession they would not cope with an outbreak.

Reference the Roll of Honour in Carlisle cathedral - did all these Cumbrians give their lives for their kin to be treated by MAFF in such an appalling manner? Is this the society they sought to protect? Some freedom, when one cannot even have a full public enquiry....

I wish Nick Green all the luck in the world; the more he can expose the injustice and incompetence the better.

I agree the army did the job they were asked to do, but if MAff had had a proper contingency plan and acted promptly they might not have been needed. As many of us guessed, MAFF was listening to the heavy hand of EU instead of following the plan from the 67 outbreak.

Your web site is a beacon of hope.