May 6 2002

Tonight at about 15 min past 6 Pim Fortyun was killed.

Pim Fortuyn had put together his own politic party about 6 months ago, he would have won the elections for our new government easily.

A lot of people liked and would have voted for him because this man was very honest, he never made any promises that he would or could not keep, if such a question was asked he just said I can only try to do the best I can but I cannot promise you people that I can solve the problem.

He also said I will tell you what I am going to do and I will do what I am telling you.

He never told a lie and that is why in just a few months he came to be a very popular person.

Some body must have been scared to death of him winning the government election and came up with this solution, kill him. He new that there was a big chance of being killed he had said so a couple of times even on tv but he would not stop. So I guess this is what my country now has come to, keep the liars and kill the honest who are standing in the way.

What a world .....

Take care,