I have just received my first order from Pomeroy thanks to Warmwell, and the meat looks lovely - we'll taste it tonight!

Over the months I have been in contact with various farmers, and I wondered if you would be interested in advertising on warmwell for two of them. The first one is Higher Hacknell Organic Farm, Burrington, Umberleigh, Devon (Tim and Jo Budden). They survived the contiguous cull thanks to Alayne Addy, I understand. They have won various awards for their meat, and supply beef, lamb, pork and chickens, mail order. Website Tel/Fax 01769 560909

The second one is a farmers' cooperative which featured on television in the spring. It is called West Country Beef Ltd and is a subsidiary of the Triple "S" Ranch Plc, a farmer controlled company. The beef is bred, fed and reared in the Western Counties, and is single suckled, traceable and farm assured. The Factory manager is Richard Davy, based at 7 Battle Road, Heathfield Industrial Estate, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 6RY Tel:01626 830157 There is no farm shop as such but they will deal direct with the public if there are bulk orders for joints of meat. Sometimes they can supply smaller orders from meat in the freezers at certain times of the year.

No mail order as yet, but may do it in the future. I have not actually tasted the meat from either, but have some on order from Higher Hacknell. However, I am impressed by what they are trying to do, and from what I saw on television, so I feel I want to support them.

bye for now