'Scientific Advisors'

"Expert and Independent" Advice - History repeating itself

The Small World of Sir John Krebs and Professor Anderson

Prof Anderson insisted that the contiguous cull policy ... had saved animals lives.

"Their methods affected the life of the whole rural community and their decisions and methodology were reflecting badly on both mathematics and science..."

An unholy Alliance

inter-relationship between GMOs, the Food Standards Agency, SEAC, BSE research and measures taken to control animal disease

All science, law and truth have been chucked out of the window.

connections between key players in the Foot and Mouth crisis:

"nobody should be allowed to get away with this. I felt there was no other choice"

Professor Roy Anderson and FMD - the Krebs-Anderson axis

Reply to Professor Anderson - VET TIMES, Vol 32 (N0 5) 11th Feb 2002

Britain's most expensive myth

Following the outbreak of SARS, one thing was certain: Professor Roy Anderson of Imperial College would soon be hitting the headlines