Gratefully quoted from this week's Farmers Guardian :

" Muckraker exclusive - Man eats meat from vaccinated animal and lives!

Shock! As the number of FMD hot spots around the country continues to grow, and with it the number of farms culled out, a man is reported to be alive and well after he ate meat from an animal which received a routine FMD vaccination during its life, Muckraker can reveal.

This shock news flies in the face of the impression given by the media, National Farmers Union, consumer groups and food trade associations over recent months, which have all given the impression that vaccination for FMD must be resisted at all costs, because of its implications for food quality and future trade. This leaves the only method of control to be continued culling for the next 'x' months.

The man, reported to have purchased a small portion of the millions of tonnes of meat from FMD vaccinated animals that comes into Britain each year, is reported to be perfectly fit and healthy, with no abnormal side effects.

Meanwhile on farms in Devon, Cumbria, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire, and Cheshire, where a vaccination policy would have saved tens of thousands of animals and thousands of businesses, the slaughter continues . . .

Meanwhile on the hills and in the valleys the widespread infection of wildlife with FMD means that an ample reservoir of infection is now roaming freely, negating all the arguments against the use of a vaccine because of the risk of future FMD spread by carrier animals . . .

Meanwhile, on the export market front, a row of buyers is queuing up in eager anticipation waiting once again to buy British meat and livestock in the not too distant future, which, of course, makes the cull policy and the anti-vaccination stance all so very worthwhile. The not too distant future being around 2006."