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The angels of death continue to wreak havoc amongst the killing fields of Cumbria

This afternoon, DEFRA announced that one sheep from a flock of 170 sentinel animals in Kirkby Stephen has been tested and found anti-body positive. The animal had of course recovered from FMD, posed no threat to the flock but was ruthlessly dispatched today. This barbaric act complies with Chief Vet, Jim Scudamore`s agreement with the EU at the end of July 2001, that all AB Pos. stock will be culled to gain FMD free status.

Tests (VNT) are being conducted now to test for live virus and will, according to DEFRA Carlisle, be known next Friday.

'So what?' you may say. Well, on closer inspection this incident opens more questions than may at first seem likely.

1. This flock were sentinel animals. They were present to test if this particular farm was "FMD free" post cleaning & disinfection
2. Presumably, this flock were AB tested BEFORE arriving on the farm. It is inconceivable that they were not.
3. One animal was found AB Pos. after re-stocking. Does this mean that this ewe has been infected with FMD since arrival, then recovered and produced AB`s?
4. If so, why is DEFRA quick to point out that this does not mean a new outbreak?
5. Do they really mean, the C+D was ineffective, or do they mean thet we are not FMD free?

All rather odd!

What does seem even stranger is that a approximately a week ago, we were informed that a TVI had told a local farmer that 'live virus' had been reported on a farm in Kaber near Kirkby Stephen! Very strange!

Just one more reason why we are entitled to an Open Public Enquiry!

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