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The reports( The News & Star (26 Feb. 02). of police finishing off stock incorrectly slaughtered by MAFF workers were noted last year during the cull.

I rang Penrith Police today to obtain a copy of the report. I spoke to Mr Mike Smith Assistant Press Officer for Cumbria Police.

Neither the National Police organisation nor DEFRA knew anything of the report.

So, I rang The News & Star and was assured that the journalist, Victoria Brenan, had indeed been invited to a Cumbrian Police Station (Either Penrith or Carlisle) to read the report. FACT.

I rang Mr Mike Smith again, who is now trying to track down the report and has e-mailed a Supt. Horn who apparently is aware of this meeting and the report. Mr Smith said he will get back to me when he has found some answers.

All rather confusing again. The report exists, it has been seen. So, why all the secrecy? Why all of these hurdles?

It is blatantly obvious to me that someone, probably locally,and in a position of authority wishes the public to see the facts.

I spoke to a senior Police officer last year who was disgusted with MAFF incompetence and procedures. There was much more. I can see that local Police were very concerned at playing "piggy in the middle" during the outbreak. I know it was the local police who wished to stay, where possible, in the background. More obviously, it appears that more senior officers/civil servants are doing their damndest to discredit this report.

The question, again is WHY?

NICK GREEN Heart of Cumbria
"Campaigning for the Truth."