" Got right in to Rosgill later where I sat on Tom Lowthers roof and surveyed a dying valley! CUMBRIA JULY 16 2001

All to go apparently according to a Snowie labourer! Here all week! Thousands of animals all for sod all! Also Irish vet not de-toxing properly! Told him to go back and re-think! He did! Twice! First time he had mud on his wheel arches! Tried to ridicule me until I asked him if he had seen the Vets Comic, May 2001 in particular Alex Donaldsons report! What did he think? Obviously the policy he was instigating was obviously flawed! Wasn`t it? He became agitated and then balled " Well you lot voted Blair in! He`s the wanker who instigates this crap policy!" Well not me actually! But I know what you mean!

So there, an Irish TVI even thinks Blairs policy is crap! However, he will be back tomorrow to earn his £78,000 per annum!

I fear the worst! Grown men sitting in kitchens crying, at their wits end, no income etc! I doubt if anyone can seriously oppose DEFRA! They know what they are doing! There is no chance of any serious resistance, sadly! "