My in-laws returned to Devon today. They were shocked at the carnage & desolation in our area.

On arriving home they chatted to a local farmer friend. They told how seriously Cumbria had been hit during FMD. Their friend had no idea of the scale of the disaster here & added he had spoken to a New Zealand TVI recently. The Vet was returning home. He was disgusted at the Government's handling of the disease. Their friend asked him what he could tell.

"Nothing at the moment he," said, "we have to sign the Official Secrets Act! However when I get home I WILL TELL ALL! They can`t touch me there!"

We await with interest; this is not the first vet to say this.

Also farmers & locals alike are very uneasy in Devon at the moment, just waiting for the next outbreak. They cannot understand why the Farmers Markets have been suspended.

Alarming stories heard from a local lady this evening. We talked for some time but she told me of a local Postman who had witnessed MAFF slaughter teams killing lambs with shovells! He had to have a week off work he was so heavily traumatised! I will investigate further.