INFORMATION to be shared very gratefully received if you can contact info@warmwell.com. It is important that people in so-called "hot-spots" should be able to find more accurate and up-to-date information than that on the DEFRA website. Warmwell.com will try to channel onto this page anything relevant and important for the worst hit areas but there are already particularly good local websites for Cumbria and North Yorkshire.

Local news for Cumbria

can be found at Heart of Cumbria ... http://www.heartofcumbria.com/

and local stories for North Yorkshire

at http://www.bbfb.freeserve.co.uk/


Penrith Breakthrough

Sue writes about Cumbria.. Of 9000 farms, 7000 are culled or partially culled. In one village there are 36 farms. 35 have gone - can you imagine how Farm 36 must feel? We heard at the London Demo from someone from Cumbria that a spleen had been dumped on the drive of Farm 36.

The people at the (London) Demo from Cumbria and Yorks were so angry. A fella from Yorks was telling me that only the day before they were shooting sheep in front of school children.