Science park plan for burial site

Nov 11 2002

By Staff Reporter, Birmingham Post


Plans to create a science park near a former foot-and-mouth burial site are already in the pipeline just days after the Government backed down over plans to create an asylum seeker centre at the same airfield site.

The villagers of Throckmorton in Worcestershire, who staged a campaign against the Government on the radical plans, are said to back the proposals, which are cited in the draft local plan.

In the plan, the area occupied by the Government-owned radar research firm QinetiQ has already been earmarked for light and general industrial use.

Ideas favoured by the district council's planning committee and local councillors include the development of a high-tech science park to bring employment to the area, surrounded by landscaping, with possibly a nature reserve near the animal burial site next door.

Local MP Peter Luff (Con Mid Worcestershire) said residents must be consulted over the plans but admitted that a science park was likely to be welcomed.

He said firm plans would also help the housing market in the area, which had drastically slumped during the uncertainty of the last ten months.

The former airfield, part of which was used to bury thousands of carcasses during the foot-and-mouth crisis, will be subject to an independent review commissioned by the Government following residents fears over health concerns.

Meanwhile, villagers who raised thousands of pounds for a fighting fund in their battle over the asylum seeker centre said the parish councils would hold a meeting to decide what to do with the money now.