The Daily Mail today tell us that the Public Health Service are virtually advising us not to eat chicken. Chicken. Not the egg this time.

Got it ?
Factory farmed give you compylobactor.  Organic and free range give you different things because they roam around outside having a good old dust bath and peck around in the daylight.You know,,just how God intended. But now they suddenly start nibbling infected faeces of wild animals. Rascals ! Lock 'em up i say !
The FSA , after extensive research ( bless them ) have found the following :-
Campylobacter in   51 % of intensively reared birds
                            61 % of organic birds and,
                            68 % of free range birds
They do not know the reasons however.Except that more than 10% of campylobacter cases in the UK are caused by strains which cannot be treated with the most popular antibiotic, ciproflxin. This is because the bug has developed a resistance to a similar drug, enroflaxin, used in the rearing of chicken and pigs.  Enro. Rings a bell ? No, Enron. Sorry. Anyway,
The Consumers Association has attacked the ' appalling ' hygene in slaughterhouses ( i thought there were hundreds of health and safety bods running around checking each other and everything ? ) and the good old FSA has expressed concern about standards in restaurants and takeaways. Well. They are actually working ? Fancy that then.
We, at home here,  were going to stick to free range / organic. But, if they are contaminated by other animals faeces that have been eating other animals whom also may have been eating other animals and / or faeces etc. this surely means that ALL animals are infected then.
.Doesn't it ?
Fish are infected by untreated sewage the sea. Veggies are grown in and sprayed by goodness knows what.
What do we eat then ?
Of course. We all give up our jobs and do it ourselves. Yes, that is the answer. But then our respected vets and the men from the Ministry of Death may pay a visit and murder all our life's work while we make them a cup of tea ! So, whatta we do ?
Mmmmmm. I think I'd better work it out again !
Right. Maybe, if people stayed in and cooked their food properly at home and realised what it is that they are cooking, and where it came from etc, rather than eating quick, invisible,  microwaveable rubbish from the supermarkets and cheapo restaurants. People might start to demand proper food.  Or not.
So, whatta we eat then?  Rice. Thats it.   No. May be GM and / or , the workers may have widdled on it, and what have they been eating ? No. Better not. Problem this.
I think i'll ask Tony Bliar. Or, even Maggie Klebb-Beckett. They know EVERYTHING. That's it. There's the answer.
But, hang on. What do we eat in the meantime? They are bound to ask some other EXPERTS, or even have an enquiry or two.
Ask the EU. That's it. No. Want a quick answer.
Whatta we do then ?  Starve I suppose.
Grrrrrrrr. Sorry, another rant !